If I have a back/neck problem, can I take the ride?

Guests with back/neck problems should not select this tour.

Can children under 3 years old join the tour?

Safety is always our top priority. We don't allow children under 3 years old to ride Thriller Miami.

I have mobility issues, can I ride Thriller Miami?

Guests with mobility issues should not select this tour.

I am pregnant, can I ride Thriller Miami?

Pregnant women may not participate.

Will I get wet aboard Thriller Miami?

There are times when wind, speed and direction will affect water and sea spray which may enter the boat.

I am prone to motion sickness, what should I do?

Guests prone to motion sickness should take precautions.

Do you cancel the tour if it’s thundering and lightning?

Yes, for the safety of our passengers and crew, if it’s thundering and lighting we have to cancel the tour.

Do you always go out to the Ocean and speed up to 45/50mph?

Most of the times yes, but while every effort is made to ensure a safe and Thriller ride upon our vessel during your trip, the captain will take the sea conditions into consideration before going into the Atlantic Ocean and/or reaching speeds up to 45/50mph.

Can I bring a drink aboard?

Yes, but it has to be in a plastic cup or bottle. No glass containers can be taken aboard Thriller Miami.

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