World's Famous STILTSVILLE

Thriller Miami Speedboats is the ONLY way to see Stiltsville.

What is Stiltsville?
Stiltsville is a group of houses built on stilts, that sit south of Miami in Biscayne Bay within Biscayne National Park.  There are only 7 houses remaining in the world's famous Stiltsville, from 27 original shacks.

Back in 1933 Crawfish Eddie constructed the first house made of Stilts on Stiltsville. Crawfish Eddie was well-known for making chowder. After some years, Eddie's friends builted more shacks by his, and it became a place that attracted gamblers and drinkers.
In 1941, The Quarterdeck Club was open and it was a by invite only/membership only gentleman's club. 
In the early 1960 Stiltsville had 27 houses and the Bikini Club opened; any women wearing a two piece bathing suit will have free drinks. 
Hurricane Betsy arrived in 1965 taking away most shacks, only about 6 were left; Many of the shacks were rebuilt shortly after, but Florida's Government issued a formal lease to the owners and by 1999 all houses standing on Stiltsville must be removed.
Unfortunately in 1992 Hurricane Andrew destroyed most houses on Stiltsville, leaving only 7. Thanks to community support, the owners were able to negotiate with the government a deal to save Stiltsville; No more houses could be built, and if a storm does serious damage to any of the standing shacks, they cannot be repaired.
The seven houses are: The Ellenberg House, The A-Frame House, The Hicks House, The Leshaw House, THe Baldwin-Sessions House, The Bay Chateau House, and The Miami Springs Boat Club (Constructed by firefighters and police officers) 

Every storm could cause the end of the World's famous Stiltsville, so in the meantime, allow Thrilller Miami Speedboats to show you this unique place.

What does the 1 hour 15-minute cover?

Speed through Biscayne Bay, PortMiami, "The Lighthouse" (Built in 1825, the oldest standing structure in Miami Dade County),  slowing down to narrate some of the homes in the World's Famous Stiltsville, speed by Key Biscayne and the Miami Skyline and back to Bayside Marketplace 1 hour and 15 minutes later.

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