What is Thriller Miami Hurricane?

Thriller Miami Hurricane is Miami’s new, unique, 180o degree spinner, extreme ride and the first boat of it’s kind in the South East United States.

Thriller Miami Hurricane is a 55’ feet Jetboat that fits 85 passengers, taking you for an extreme ride around Biscayne Bay, passing by the Miami Skyline and doing 180o degree spins, whirls, turns and splashes.

Thriller Miami Hurricane offers an off-shore adventure providing a 40 minute safe, fast, extreme ride around Biscayne Bay, passing by PortMiami and the Miami's Skyline.

On this extreme ride, riders might get wet and there is a 40” inches (102 cm) minimum height requirement to join this adventure. We are not responsible for your personal belongings; hats, sunglasses, wigs and smartphones may fly away or get wet during the journey. 

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